Feeling stuck? Get inspired! (Inspiration, Part 2)

Have you ever felt “stuck,” as if you’re in a rut that keeps getting deeper–and there’s no way out?

Your problem may be a lack of inspiration. I see this in individuals who are stuck in their careers or life patterns, and in organizations that foster a climate of  “do, do, do,” without questioning whether the actions have meaning.

There’s no ease in being stuck. It drains your energy and your spirit.

The word inspiration is linked to “inspire,” for the act of breathing. When we breathe in—inspire—we bring life force (or “prana” or “chi”) into the body and provide energy for the well-being of our physical self.

Similarly, inspiration is related to the word “spirit,” signifying a connection with our nonphysical or spiritual self. To be inspired is to tap into a different (or “higher”) source of energy that provides purpose for our actions. You may experience that as intuition, gut instinct, “the still small voice” that speaks within.

To live without inspiration is to live without meaning. An uninspired life is a dull life, without passion, spark and sizzle.

When you feel inspired but fail to take action, it’s like creating  resistance to the flow; the inspired intention is thwarted and energy is blocked. The result is a feeling of frustration, rather than movement and energy.

Inspiration begets ease when we let it into our lives–when we notice it, value it and allow it to manifest in energy, focus and empowered action. Sometimes the letting it in requires an act of courage; we know what we really want in life and work, but resist it and hold back.

Try this: Consider your answers to these questions:

  • Think of the last time you felt really inspired. How did the experience affect your energy and focus?
  • How does your inspiration get blocked?
  • What would inspire you if you let it? What’s holding you back?
  • What if you trusted that inspiration and took action right now?

To your ease!

Pat Daniel, Ph.D.

© Pat Daniel and wizardofease.com, 2011.
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