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In praise of scissors

Ah, the lowly scissors. I picked up a pair this morning and cut some paper, then paused to marvel—perhaps for the first time—at the simplicity and value of this tool. Since I was a preschooler, clumsily wielding blunt-edged paper scissors, … Continue reading

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What would Doris say?

Grappling with a question; turning it over in my mind. Then a small airplane flies overhead — an opportunity to remember my mom, who was a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) during World War II and an Alaskan bush pilot … Continue reading

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First, breathe

Next time you feel stressed out, try checking in with your breathing.  You’ll probably notice that it’s one of these things: Shallow, with only the top part of your chest moving as you breathe Rapid, as if you’re walking at … Continue reading

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What’s bugging you?

What’s bugging you? Perhaps the answer to this question comes to you quickly: missed deadline at work, quarrel with your teenager, lack of sleep, worry about… Continue reading

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Spend some quiet time with a friend

Advice from the Princess of Ease: A good companion respects your need for silence.

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Decide what’s important, then do it

Who doesn’t struggle with time management?  Our days seem to move at lightning speed, driven by technology, forces in the workplace, or a personal drive for achievement. Is it even possible to decrease stress and increase ease in managing time? … Continue reading

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