What’s bugging you?

What’s bugging you?  Perhaps the answer to this question comes quickly:  missed deadline at work, quarrel with your teenager, lack of sleep, worry about money…  Fill in the blank.

InsectPerhaps you can’t quite name it. You just know there’s a gnawing feeling in your gut, or an ache in your heart, or a sense that things aren’t quite right.

When you feel ill at ease, it’s time to recognize it and name it. It’s the stuff that bugs us that keeps us from being at ease, and if we don’t even know what it is, then we can’t do anything about it.

Get into the habit of noticing when you feel “off” and taking the time to identify what it’s about. These are the first steps toward empowerment and problem-solving.

The next step, then, is to do something about it, like talking it over with a trusted friend, taking action to solve the problem, or going for a walk to get a different perspective on it.

Many definitions of “ease” begin with the word freedom–for example, freedom from worry, from pain, from want.  To achieve ease, we need to be free from what’s bugging us. But first we need to know what it is.

Try this: Ask yourself “what’s bugging me?”  When the answer comes, acknowledge it and do something about it if you can. Then if you feel like sharing your experience, please leave a comment on the Wizard of Ease.

To your ease!

Pat Daniel, Ph.D.

© Pat Daniel, Ph.D. and wizardofease.com, 2011.
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