Clarity creates ease

Clarity facilitates ease in work and in life. Just think about what happens when you’re not clear:

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  • When we’re uncertain about the purpose of work or the parameters of the task, we aren’t efficient with our use of time.
  • If we don’t have clarity about our goals in life, we have a hard time moving forward.
  • When we’re not clear about what the problem is, then we can’t fix it.
  • When we don’t know the root of the problem, then the attempted solution probably won’t work anyway.

Achieving clarity is one of the easiest ways to foster greater ease—whether in managing a project, finding a new job, navigating a life transition, or just being happier and more satisfied with life.

Clarity is about discernment, bringing a greater sense of understanding and focus to an issue. When we do achieve clarity, we are often surprised by how quickly the issue is resolved or resources become available. It’s as if the bewilderment and resistance melt away so that energy and change can flow uninhibited.

Quakers use a practice called the Clearness Committee. It’s a group of people who help the “focus person” achieve greater clarity about an issue in their life, whether spiritual or practical.

The committee meeting follows a process that includes the focus person describing the issue and committee members asking neutral questions–i.e., questions without opinions, solutions, or hidden agendas masked within them. Through this process, the focus person’s layers of confusion are gently peeled away, exposing an inner guidance that knows the answer.

Try this:  Consider where in your life or work you might need clarity. In what ways do you feel befuddled, aimless, or uncertain? Try being your own clearness coach and write about it until the issue comes into greater focus and definition. Or ask some trusted friends or colleagues to serve on a Clearness Committee for you.

To your ease!

Pat Daniel, Ph.D.

© Pat Daniel, Ph.D. and, 2011.
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One Response to Clarity creates ease

  1. Betsy Disharoon says:

    Pat, Thank you so much. I am sharing this with a family member who is in a very uncomfortable life situation presently. Betsy

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