Living and working with ease

Are you fed up with the insanity of contemporary life?  Had enough of hard-driving, supercharged, 24/7 expectations?

Do you feel called to live and work according to a different set of assumptions–like harmony with the natural world, cooperation, gentleness and kindness, a pace that respects your humanness?  Do you yearn for a life characterized by liberal use of the “pause” button, simplicity and mindfulness?

Wizard of Ease is for those who know there must be a better way to live and work–a way that’s not so stressed-out, time-pressured and demanding.  Perhaps that includes you:

  • Midlife navigators who are preparing for retirement and/or blossoming into a stage of life that says “It’s my turn–let’s change the game!”
  • Sustainability and “slow living” advocates who are building earth- and community-based alternatives to the energy-hungry, polluting, fast food norms of conventional society.
  • Spiritual pilgrims and yoga practitioners who understand the power of living in harmony with the life force/prana/chi and applying that understanding to their daily lives.
  • Career/job changers who seek “right livelihood”– meaningful work that recognizes and rewards the full expression of you.
  • Introverts who are ready for the world to stop the clamor and just be quiet for a little while.
  • Simplicity seekers who are ready to let go of the “extras” that clutter up the desk, home, schedule, lifestyle–and even the mind.
  • Anyone who would like to get clear, get organized, and get results, either at work or at home–with a sense of ease.

Drawing from such diverse fields as psychology, business, yoga and other spiritual traditions, career development, self-help, health, sustainability, ecology and nature, the Wizard offers wisdom and practical tools to help ease your way in life and work.


This site also offers an invitation–to join a community of pilgrims in quest of gentleness and ease.  Add your voice to the dialogue; share your own tools for slowing down and managing the quality of your work and personal life.

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