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What’s your margin?

How much margin do you have in your life? Are your days filled to the edges, with no “white space” to spare? Is your desk overloaded with papers and other objects, with no extra space available? Is your checkbook suffering … Continue reading

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Driving the speed limit

For the past few years, I’ve been driving at or below the speed limit. “How quaint,” you say. And how very fascinating for me to experience the world from the vantage point of a complete misfit. This is Massachusetts, after … Continue reading

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Does your weekend include time for a nap?

Advice from the Princess of Ease: Don’t be one of those humans who suffers from fatigue, weight gain, irritability and other health problems due to lack of sleep. Instead, pay attention to your body and do what I do. When … Continue reading

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First, breathe

Next time you feel stressed out, try checking in with your breathing.  You’ll probably notice that it’s one of these things: Shallow, with only the top part of your chest moving as you breathe Rapid, as if you’re walking at … Continue reading

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No hurry, no worry, Part 2

In the last post, we explored the idea of “no hurry, no worry.”  Now it’s your turn to experience this practice. →  Try this. You might want to experiment with this technique–perhaps not for a whole day, but for an … Continue reading

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