Cats (provided by the Princess of Ease)

The Princess of Ease shares her favorite books and toys

Kitten lying on top of the book "Think Like a Cat"


Catwatching: The essential guide to cat behaviour, by Desmond Morris

Feng shui for cats: By cats, for cats, by Roni Jay

Kittens for dummies, by Dusty Rainbolt

Make your own cat toys: Saving the planet one cat toy at a time, by Holly Tse

Teaching your cat simple tricks, by Arden Moore

Think like a cat: How to raise a well-adjusted cat, not a sour puss, by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Why cats paint: A theory of feline aesthetics, by Heather Busch and Burton Silver

Yoga for cats, by Talia Katasanda


Cat Dancer

Da Bird Cat Catcher

Da Bird Feather Teaser

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