Career and life coaching

Stop struggling with the life that you don’t want!  Start living the life that you do want — a life characterized by empowerment, freedom, zest and effortlessness. Dr. Pat Daniel, the Wizard of Ease, offers coaching specializing in the following areas:

Careers and right livelihood

Ease your way into a new career or job. Discover “right livelihood”– the vocation that makes your spirit soar! The Wizard can help with your career objectives, starting a new business, spiffing up your resume, planning and executing a job search campaign, or updating your interviewing and negotiating skills.

Navigating a life transition

Make gentle the transitions in your life–whether from working to retired, married to unmarried (or vice versa), or because of geographical relocation or other major life change. These can be stressful times that necessitate rapid learning and adjustment to the new. Don’t be a passive recipient of what life sends your way; the Wizard can help you navigate the change with clear goals and intentions, centered equanimity and a sense of joyful adventure.

Midlife makeovers

After the parenting years are over, and you’re entering the later stages of life, you may feel a yearning to reinvent yourself, to declare that “It’s my turn!”  Having negotiated a major personal and professional makeover herself, Dr. Pat Daniel is well-equipped to hear your story and assist you in creating the path to actualize your dreams.

Claiming your spiritual and sustainable self

If your connection with spirit and the earth needs renewing and revitalizing, the Wizard can help with spiritual coaching, labyrinth problem-solving, and yoga “off the mat” practices to support a spiritual lifestyle in harmony with ecological and sustainability principles.

Organizing and simplifying

Whether its time management, clutter control, setting and achieving goals or generally simplifying your life, the Wizard can help you clarify objectives and implement a customized, easy plan of action. Save time and effort by simplifying and making space for the new. This process is like a fresh breeze, renewing your life force and boosting your energy.  Why wait?

How does it work? Dr. Pat Daniel draws from decades of experience in psychology, business, yoga, organization systems, and sustainability to offer a whole-person approach coaching.

Sessions are conducted primarily over the phone and via email. In-person meetings are available for those in Eastern Massachusetts. You have the choice of occasional coaching on an as-needed basis, or enrolling in an ongoing program of regular support.

Fees are reasonable, with flexibility for your budget.

To learn more about the Wizard’s career and life coaching, or to schedule a no-obligation free introductory 30-minute telephone coaching session, please email or call 781-784-7915.

[Special note: Free coaching sessions are only available until August 1, 2011, so reserve yours now!]

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