The Pat Daniel Group: Helping businesses and non-profits get clear, get organized, get results … and do it with ease

Consulting solutions to help organizations minimize stress while increasing effectiveness, productivity and performance. The Pat Daniel Group can help your organization make these shifts:

  • From confusion to clear goals
  • From frustration to focused action
  • From struggle to a sense of ease

Services offered:

  • Executive coaching
  • Training and facilitation
  • Sustainability strategies and reporting
  • Organization and team development
  • Communications

Dr. Pat Daniel has consulted to large corporations, small businesses, non-profits and solo entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Whether applied in a start-up or a mature enterprise, the tools and techniques for getting clear and getting organized help to produce results … with ease.

For more information about consulting solutions, contact Dr. Pat Daniel by email or phone 781-784-7915.

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