Workshops and speaking

Here are just a few of the Wizard’s training and speaking offerings:


Workshops are offered for work groups, and for the general public.

Comfy Slipper Camp

Boot with "no" symbol superimposed

No boot camp here!

Learn to apply the Wizard’s practical tools for easy gentle living in a relaxed-paced, fun seminar. This is the tension-free alternative to “boot camp.”

Wear your own favorite comfy slippers, or bring a magic wand.  Be ready to laugh while learning and practicing specific how-to tools that will decrease stress and increase your freedom. Prepare to change your life!

You could call it a workshop if you want, but why not a playshop?

Relax into High Performance

Stick figure relaxing on an upward curving graphIn the world of work, we tend to think “high performance” is characterized by long hours, superhuman feats of meeting deadlines under pressure, and competition.  The Wizard of Ease has a better way to achieve successful results–relaxing in to high performance.

When we are relaxed, the mind is focused, we listen better, take more care to produce quality work, and enjoy the work more. We can go the distance rather than setting ourselves up for burnout.

If you’d like to learn the techniques of relaxing into high performance, sign up for this workshop–for yourself, your team or your organization.


Dr. Pat Daniel is available to speak to your professional or civic organization on the following topics–or on a subject customized to your group’s needs.

Rising above the rat race: One breath at a time

Is your work setting or personal life so fast-paced and driven that you sometimes feel like there’s not even time to breathe?  Consider the toll that such chronic intensity takes on your health and well-being. Give yourself permission to live and work a different way–one that is more compatible with your biological and emotional needs.  Learn some fun and easy stress-relieving techniques to incorporate into daily life and work.

Right livelihood: Free your soul to show up at work

Do you ever feel like you’re wearing a “mask” at work–that your true authenticity is reserved for your personal life?  Then it’s time to step into right livelihood–work that comes from a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Step into the challenge of catalyzing right livelihood where you currently work, or by mustering the courage to set out in a new direction.

Decide what’s important, then do it: Time (and life) management made easy

There are thousands of techniques for managing time, hundreds of books written about ways to save a minute here and adjust a priority there. But they all boil down to one key lesson–a lesson that makes managing your time and your life a joy, not a chore. Learn the easy gentle system of time management by applying this one simple rule.

To learn more about these and other workshops and speaking opportunities, contact Dr. Pat Daniel, the Wizard of Ease, by sending email or calling 781-784-7915.


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