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The full expression of you

A sign over my desk reads “The full expression of Pat.”  It’s a reminder to throw out the fears and second-guesses and just go ahead and be authentic. What?  Be authentic? Give up all the masks and pretenses? Take the … Continue reading

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No hurry, no worry, Part 2

In the last post, we explored the idea of “no hurry, no worry.”  Now it’s your turn to experience this practice. →  Try this. You might want to experiment with this technique–perhaps not for a whole day, but for an … Continue reading

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No hurry, no worry, Part 1

A friend told me about her Sabbath practice of “no hurry, no worry,” so  I decided to give it a try. On Sundays, I attempt to live a full day without rushing and without fretting. By doing this, I have … Continue reading

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